About us

ArtClip Advertising Agency has operated on polish advertising market since 1996. Through this time we have observed this market, learnt, got experience and evolved. We have also contributed to its development through hundred thousands of produced POSM. Moreover we are one of the founders of PIAP - Polish Chamber of Promotional Products.

With full certainty we can say that we know our job and we like it! Every day we are filled with enjoyment from making good and effective products. It does not matter what our clients need, we always offer support in reaching theirs goals. Whether you need comprehensive strategy of your brand BTL support or you only need to print 500 leaflets, you have come to the right place.

What we are really proud of is that we are a manufacturer. Yes, we do not only invent and design new POSM, but also we produce it. In that process we use plastics, carton, glass, wood and metal. As one of the few we have knowledge and technology to produce LED lighting POSM power supplied from battery. With our POSM you will not have to deal with tangled wires.

What distinguish us? Two features. Quality and timeliness. In our opinion, there are no projects too difficult or too short- term. And the harder and faster at the beginning, the greater satisfaction at the end!

What we do

Usually we support our clients in wide BTL area. We undertake realization of comprehensive projects form idea, through project, production, distribution at the after-sales service end.

We own machines, technological facilities and well qualified, experienced staff that enable us to prepare even complex projects. In production process we use plastics, carton, glass, wood and metal.

We are experienced in designing and producing wide assortment of POSM like displays, trays, stands, ties, cash trays etc. In all our products we can use LED lighting technology power supplied from battery.

We offer printing and services related to the labeling methods pad and screen printing, cutting and engraving variety of materials, preparing graphic projects and visualizations.

To meet your expectations, we are open to new challenges and will undertake a comprehensive implementation of any unusual orders with pleasure.

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ArtClip Advertising Agency
T. Romanowicza 2
30-702 Kraków
NIP 679-119-91-12
phone. 0048 12 656 30 04,
fax. 0048 12 257 00 50,
mob. 0048 601-612-512,

Bank: PKO Bank Polski S.A. IV/ o Kraków
Account nr 27 1020 2906 0000 1502 0017 3864